Fabrics & Wallpapers

What Does Print To Order Mean?

We believe in reducing our environmental impact on the planet. One way we are able to achieve this is to only print what you request. We do not hold large amounts of stock, which results in exclusivity and limits potential waste. Your fabrics and wallpaper is printed to you personally so Bauldry Botanicals can ensure matching dye shades and batch numbers.

What Are Your Current Lead Times?

Fabric and Wallpaper lead times are estimated at 4-6 weeks. But these can be less depending on the time of year.

Contact us for current lead times on bespoke made to measure creations as this can vary depending on the scale and size of the project.

We believe that purchases should be carefully considered and good things come to those who wait.

How Much Wallpaper/Fabrics Do I Need?

We are happy to offer a free consultation to decide the best quantity of materials for your chosen project. Get in touch with us at hello@bauldrybotanicals.com and we will let your know by email.

Is Your Fabric Fire Treated?

Our current collection of fabrics does not come FR-ed as standard. We are able to use a 3rd party service if you require this treatment. If you are already in contact with a supplier you prefer, we can send the fabrics straight to the facility. Please be aware we are not to be held accountable for the policies and certification due to the 3rd party service. This is also not guaranteed to be sustainable or natural. Please note future collections will be integrating FR fabric as standard.

Is Your Fabric Suitable For Upholstery?

Due to the printed surface we do not recommend our materials for frequent use areas. 100% Organic Cotton Twill is suitable for light upholstery and occasional use pieces. Please note future collections will include upholstery fabrics suitable for frequent use areas.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

We offer as little as 1m on all Fabrics & Wallpaper minimum is 1 Roll (10m) On occasion smaller quantities of fabrics and wallpapers will be available in the Ready To Love section!

Do You Have A Breakdown Of Your Prices?

Organic materials command a higher price point at source, due to ethical wage structures and the labour intensity associated with growing vegan plant fibres without pesticides. Each one of our prints is hand drawn and are the creation of many hours of developing the artwork. Our print house uses only gots certified inks, which again adds to the cost for creating sustainable ethical luxury. As we print to order, there are costs associated with not buying in bulk, which is why we are able to have no minimum orders and establish our no waste and over consumption ethos.

Why Use Natural Organic Materials?

Bauldry Botanicals is built on the foundation of residing with nature. But what is the importance and benefits of natural fabrics and textiles in the home? Reducing your irreversible impact on the environment and creating space free from toxic synthetics and chemicals. Positive impact on your health and that of the earth. Natural fibres retain their shape and structure for longer, these materials so not wear quickly, making them durable for your home and lifestyle. Clarified indoor air quality and enhancement of energy efficiency. Low maintenance. Low impact and renewable. Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and great for people with sensitive skin or allergies. A thoughtful choice for babies and small children. Biodegradable, moisture wicking, and breathable with a natural dirt and mould repellent.

Why Should We Let Light Into Our Space?

Bauldry Botanicals believe in allowing natural light into your living space for a variety of reasons including: Improves sleep cycles and regulated your circadian rhythm. Seasonal sleep patterns, let the daylight be your alarm with reduced reliance on artificial light. Increases focus and productivity.  Creates a calming environment, helps with stress and anxiety. Increases the bodies natural defences and ability to combat bacteria and viruses. Sunlight produces serotonin, providing positive energy. Vit D - The sunshine vitamin. With their purification qualities, more sunlight allows for a wider and larger range of indoor plant friends to co-habit with. Light increases the overall mood of your home and the ability to create both safe and social spaces. Sunlight can help kill harmful bacteria within the home, improving air quality and improving health. Let light in, connect with nature, reset your mind.

Why Are There Variations In The Fabric?

Natural woven fabrics have their own unique qualities and quirks. Not all fabric is the same. With natural fabrics it is possible for an accumulation of fibres on the textiles surface. This lint can cause small areas of the fabric which is not printed and remains the natural fabric underneath. These unique details are small and a feature of using natural materials.

Cushions & Bespoke Creations

What Are The Care Instructions For Our Creations?

We recommend gently hand wash for colour fastness and line drying in the shade cushions and window dressings due to their printed surface. Please handle with care. Table settings such as tablecloths, runner and napkins can be lightly hand washed if they come into contact with any spillages or washed at a cool temperature. We cannot guarantee stain removal or fading associated with prolonged washing.

What Are Your Cushions Filled With?

We offer 2 options of cushion filling at Bauldry Botanicals and all are possible with any variation of size. We offer both choices to private clients, retailers and interior designers.

100% British wool which is a natural biodegradable option with a firm and heavier consistency.

Eco-Fibre which is a vegan option made from recycled water bottles and utilises the close loop system with a softer consistency. This is a softer lighter option and is currently our most used filling. 

Cushions can also be purchased as cover only so you can add a cushion pad of your choice or reuse your previous filling.

The cushion pads are handmade in the UK and pass all fire safety regulations.

What Are The Current Lead Times On Blinds & Curtains?

Creation lead times is approximately 4-6 weeks for all window dressings. If your order is more plentiful we will let you know an estimated arrival time for your bespoke creation. This is not including print times.

How Do I Get A Quote For Window Dressings?

If you are a private client or trade account member and would prefer to discuss over the phone or email, please visit our contact us section and we would love to help you create your perfect bespoke soft furnishings.

Our basic price configuration is available via our Window Dressings section. Once submitted we will arrange a consultation to discuss the finishing touched to ensure the perfect addition to your home or project.

What Linings Do You Stock?

We currently offer the sustainable options of 100% cotton in white, almond and cream. Every design in each colour is also available in 100% organic cotton poplin, perfect for adding a surprise to your curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds can also be interlined with 100% cotton interlining to reduce light and aid insulation. Alongside the synthetic options of blackout lining. For further information and advice please contact us.

What Heading Options Do You Have For Curtains?

For 100% organic cotton twill and hemp slub curtains, we offer the sustainable options of double pleats, triple pleats, tab top and rod pocket. Alongside the non-eco versions of wave tape and pencil pleats. Please look at our made to measure advice and guideline document to see images of the headings to help choose your ideal finish. If you have an idea in mind, or image you have collected, please get in touch to discuss.

What Heading Options Do You Have For Voiles?

For 100% organic cotton voiles, we can offer the sustainable options of double pleats, triple pleats, rod pocket and 1” cotton tape. Alongside the non-eco versions of wave tape and pencil pleats. Please look at our made to measure advice and guideline document to see images of the headings to help choose your ideal finish. With over 30 years experience in window dressings, If you have an idea in mind, or image you have collections, please get in touch to discuss.

What Blind Designs Do You Offer?

As standard we offer cascade waterfall and stacked blinds. As we create everything is house, we are able to create any bespoke items such as shaped, contracting panels, or cassette coverings. If you have an idea in mind, or image you have collected, please get in touch to discuss.

Do You Offer Consultancy?

When choosing your bespoke made to measure product with Bauldry Botanicals we always recommend a discussion with one of our co-founders to ensure the correct materials and quantity for your desired creation. This is possible via Zoom, WhatsApp or a voice call if you prefer.


Why Should I Order Samples?

Samples show the fabric and wallpaper composition, print design and help you to decide on the perfect addition to your space. It also gives an idea of the colour, due to devices showcasing tones differently. As our fabrics and wallpapers are made to order there may be slight variations in dye shades and it is recommended that all fabric is ordered within one batch. If you desire more than one cushion that is the same colour and design, we advise you to purchase at the same time to ensure a perfect match.

How Long Will Samples Take To Arrive?

Sample swatches are frequently stocked. Therefore we allow handling time of 3 working days + delivery time to your location of 3-5 days. If you need these sooner please get in touch to arrange a priority order.

Can I Choose Which Section Of The Print To Have Sampled?

Samples are cut to ensure maximum usage of the fabric, limiting the waste. We can ensure you will always have a detailed piece to view. If you require a specific section of the design - contact us to see if we have this piece available.

What Size Are Your Standard Samples?

Our samples are 14x14cm and are available in the complete collection. Select as many samples as you would like and we can create a package for you to start your Bauldry Botanicals journey.

What Are Mini Samples?

Mini Samples are 8x8cm and are available to help choose your favourite colour combinations for create a cushion and bespoke window dressings.


Why Do You Ask For A Review?

We are a growing company with a mission to connect with our community and reestablish their connection to nature. We love to hear from you, so if you could leave us a review we would really appreciate it, share you experience, we are always learning and appreciate all comments equally.

Do You Offer An Interior Design Service?

With many years creating a making soft furnishings for interiors including commercial and residential, we are happy to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. We are happy to assist with decoration and work alongside artisans and small business to create your natural, sustainable colourful space. With many exciting interior design projects both in the UK and Worldwide we look forward to sharing our new adventures.


What Packaging Do You Offer?

Not only are our products carefully sourced but we believe in creating packaging which is both luxurious yet sustainable. Our hangtags, cards, stickers and tissues are designed using FSC certifies recycled card stock with soy based inks. These items are all home compostable and recyclable. The same is true of our water activated tape and rice paper non toxic adhesion and ink tape. Whilst our outer packaging is fully recyclable and compostable at home. Please note cover only will arrive folded in a box to create a cost effective postage option. We also recommend creating a flower garden in an unused space by placing the flattened cardboard box upon the surface and laying compost and soil on top. Our packaging represents the journey of nature, the cardboard box embodies the soil, the green leaves that show the first signs of hope. Followed by the crescendo of colour as the flower emerges and our creation becomes part of your space.

Do You Offer Gift Wrapping Or Personalised Cards?

Each creation is gift wrapped with our branded packaging, but if you have any special requests or personalisation on cards we are always happy to discuss.

Do You Offer Gift Cards?

We offer gift vouchers that can be spent on our online store. If you would like a physical representation to give to a loved one we can arrange for a personalised floral patterned card to be sent.