Our Story

“Bauldry Botanicals designs are always inspired by the natural earth, a passion for living seasonally and in full colour with open hearts. We create thoughtful pieces for your world, each design is limited whilst many products are printed to order to reduce our impact on the planet. Each component is applies and selected to be sustainable and high quality. All creations are developed in house so we are always able to see every seed of an idea come to fruition. We believe in returning to traditional techniques, free of synthetics. Every piece of our puzzle is carefully considered for optimum quality and chosen for its reduced environmental impact. Hand sewn by Carol, hand drawn by Rebecca, from our hands to your home. To reestablish a connection between earth, light and spirit. To choose a pathway to happiness. Allowing nature to heal our hearts and cleanse our minds.”

Co-Founder & Creative Director Rebecca

My love of plants stems from a young age, but was reignited in my mid 20’s during a business trip to rural Vietnam and Laos to source traditional textiles, hand dyed with local plants and grown using raw materials. When i returned, I sought a new purpose and one I had not been able to do whilst travelling - grow a garden. one with purpose and vibrance but above all else grown from seed, all through the stages and to bring natural beauty into my world. Inspired by the flowers around us, I began creating again - working on small study drawings of plants, focussing on seasonality and living within the moment. But from small seeds, bring new life and with a family history in interiors the partnership between mother and daughter was born. Together we select only the highest quality components and develop all of the creations in house.

Co-Founder & Head of Creations Carol

From a young age I have always been a keen seamstress, but it was with the birth of my daughter that I sought a new path which could allow me to work from home whilst caring for her alongside my husband. I reconnected with my sewing roots and trained to make curtains. Although I have been making soft furnishings for both commercial and residential for 30 years, to go into partnership with my daughter is a dream come true. This journey has opened opportunities to explore the possibilities of combining both sustainable natural materials with luxury soft furnishings, whilst working with colourful floral prints. I believe in using traditional hand sewing techniques and creating everything to a high standard as if they were going in my own home. I look forward to connecting with customers and building a community whilst realising the vision with Bauldry Botanicals.

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