To Our Community,

Bauldry Botanicals is founded upon an ethos of ‘Reside with Nature’; a commitment to reduced planetary and environmental impact, a promise to improving personal, physical and mental health and the wellbeing of all of earths creatures.

Materials are always sourced from suppliers committed to living wages and the wellbeing of growers and manufacturers. Organic fibres grown without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. We are motivated to create a life free from harmful synthetics using materials which are good for both planet, growers and your environment.

Fabrics, wallpapers and all components are thoughtfully sourced and are free from animal products and any production which could harm life.There are many benefits of natural fabrics and textiles within your space. Creating with organic natural fibres reduces your irreversible impact on the environment as we design spaces free from toxic synthetics and chemicals. These materials retain their shape and quality for longer whilst clarifying air quality and enhancing energy efficiency. A devotion to preserving life form both above and below sea with carefully sourced materials and farming practices with a reduction of micro plastics and waste through artificial materials.Respecting the process from seed sowing to finished creation. Each step of the journey cherished, with limited resources but attention to hand craftsmanship. Such fragile ecosystems ensure a desire to work within parameters which limit our systems and creations which do little damage to the world around us.

Enhancing your lives, without damaging the life of others.

We are dedicated to partnering with reliable production hubs with promised relationships with organic farming and sustainable manufacturing processes.  Bauldry Botanicals has a proud relationship with our print house in Holland. Our Dutch connection is combined with the location of several of our suppliers including organic cotton label production and thread producers. A streamlined and efficient supply source. With FSC certified non woven wallpapers always printed in the UK. Papers are printed using low VOC non toxic inks. We create our own samples to ensure little or no waste; whilst offcuts created upon installation can be recycled.We are responsible for sourcing suppliers who’s materials are registered with Global Organic Textile Standard. An independent quality representing both environmental, ecological and social conditions. A commitment to no chemicals, sustainable energy supply, safe working conditions and transparency of the entire chain. Organic Cotton is naturally produced without fertilisers and chemicals; whilst our hemp material grows without any need for pesticides. Any future advances and additions with fabrics will be sourced to the same high standard. All fabrics are printed using GOTS certified inks.

Improved health and wellbeing for you and each hand throughout the journey.

We believe in reducing our environmental impact on the planet; one way we are able to achieve this is to only print what is required. We do not hold large stock, increasing exclusivity and limiting our excess. All fabrics and wallpapers are printed to order to reduce our impact on the environment and lessen our potential waste. A conscious effort towards clean water and reduced energy consumption.Our products are always constructed in house ensuring optimised use of fabrics and materials, retaining a high hand crafted standard and a reduced waste of threads, fabrics and other notions. Responsible consumption of energy with production facilities by creating in house with a small supply chain which can be carefully monitored.We have good relationships with local photographers, stylists and location services whilst only collaborating with organic sustainable local flower growers. This is a journey we are committed to continuing to our locality.Not only are our products carefully sourced but we believe in creating packaging which is luxurious and sustainable. Our hangtags, cards, stickers and tissues are designed using FSC certified recycled card stock with soy based inks. Our packaging is all home compostable and recyclable. The same is true of our water activated tape and rice paper non toxic adhesion and ink tape.

Celebrating the art of handmade craftsmanship and artisanal techniques; a moment of thoughtful creation.

Our designs showcase the entire ecosystem from the smallest of insects to the large blooms; it is those small lifeforms which allow for many other life cycles. As our company grows we are focussed on giving back; donations to earth flora and fauna protection. As our business grows we promise to have percentage sales to small, hands on charities and societies.Our pledge is to continue to develop a larger range of products, focussing on luxury and promotion of happiness through colour and nature. Always retaining the high standard of sustainable materials, thoughtfully sourced, conscious to planet and cruelty free. Expanding our range of offerings, limiting quantity to avoid waste and provide opportunities to purchase at a variety of price points. Combining our knowledge of horticulture and to continue to grow plant dyes, combining within our creations. Partnering with carefully considered collaborators to stock creations, reducing travel overuse and shipping.

Bauldry Botanicals create an opportunity to reconnect with your environment, creating a sanctuary for both yourself and to share with the people you love.

From Co-Founders Rebecca and Carol.